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GrГner Fehden samt Gewaltorgien geschlossen.

Furries In Germany

Was ist Furries United Germany? We are one, we are united. Furries United Germany ist eine kleine, aber feine deutsche Furry Community. Wir haben diese​. Deutschsprachige Furry Community. Furry / German. Gefällt Mal. Dies ist eine Furry-(Fan)-Seite für Deutsche und Deutschsprechende Furries und Furry-Fans. Mit oder Ohne Suit! DU bist.


Wir die „Furcanitrix“ heißen alle Furrys und alle anderen die neugierig sind herzlich auf unserer „Furry Nation Germany“ Webseite herzlich willkommen. Furry / German. Gefällt Mal. Dies ist eine Furry-(Fan)-Seite für Deutsche und Deutschsprechende Furries und Furry-Fans. Mit oder Ohne Suit! DU bist. Wir sind eine deutsche Furry Community, Nicht-Furries sind aber auch herzlichst Willkommen! Der Server bietet eine oft ruhige und entspannte Atmosphäre, das.

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Furries Try German Candies!!

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Der berufliche Bezug von Furries zu Fursuits — z. Furbase - The german furry community. FurCon - Furry meetings, conventions and parties in Germany. Furry - German furry internet radio station. Furry (engl. fellig, pelzartig, mit Pelz besetzt oder mit Pelz bekleidet) ist der Sammelbegriff für Im März wurde auf zdfneo in der Sendung Wild Germany über Furries berichtet. Im November widmete sich RTL2 in einer Folge der. Many translated example sentences containing "furry" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Furry / German. Gefällt Mal. Dies ist eine Furry-(Fan)-Seite für Deutsche und Deutschsprechende Furries und Furry-Fans. Mit oder Ohne Suit! DU bist.

For additional irony: Nothing hurts your cause more than kicking down doors and trying to place yourself into everything. At this point we have arrived to church like bs.

How much longer will it take till some geniuses start to patrol streets in groups of 2, handing out pamphlets and going "Hello sir, do you have a moment to talk about nazis?

The one that forgets that the word Nazi has been watered down so far it's used at a furry convention. Nazis who shoved babies, women and men some of which still alive in ovens Yeah nothing wrong with that.

It's not like that's a nazi psychological tactic to prevent any outside influences from weakening the group doctrine. Cult leaders do this too Hell, googling the 14 words would probably get you on the fast-track to becoming police chief.

Because they prefer islamists just like the UK. My thoughts exactly, it's so absurd to see such a blatant contradiction, how the fuck can these people be so detached from reality and self awareness?

What you meant is 'people who dress up like cartoon animals and simultaneously believe in fascist ideologies despite themselves would have been among the first to be purged for "moral degeneracy".

Lmao completely normal reaction to something so minor. Police duck! Are those things? Bird furs? I'm in!

Except for the furry part, of course. S'dog bite! On my leg! S'not right! S'posed to beg! One of the few good things to come out of this administration is that at least more people will have listened to DKs back catalogue.

He should attend in his altfur costume because I'd love to see the polices reaction to having to arrest someone in a fur costume for violating their anti-nazi laws.

I will never understand furries who think the nazis wouldn't have immediately thrown their asses in the camps, and thus that nazism is something they should ally themselves with that definitely won't instantly backfire if they actually got their horrid way.

Same with nazi girls; surely you don't believe nazi rule means you'll be treated with any basic respect Oh who am I kidding, people are stupid And Mongolian Nazis as well.

One of the weird things about the groups in Mongolia is that they're apparently making environmentalism a key issue. So like why be surprised when the idiots are doing something idiotic?

I'd be surprised if they one day do something that's not completely stupid. For the record, the nazi furries are a very small minority in the furry fandom who are hated and ostracized by the rest of the furry fandom.

Just getting it out there. My bro is a casual furry soft furry? Good news is there isn't a Confederate furry community. Once, a troll made a confederate flag fursuit, but that's the end of it and the guy was kicked out of Anthrocon anyways.

I am also a furry. I have never met a nazi fur online or in person. They are a very small minority. Does the furry fandom have its own set of people that everyone seems to know about for better or worse?

Jasonafex: on record saying he hates the pushback against nazifurs, also likes to casually throw out the hard R on discord.

Foxler Nightfire: Leader of the furry raiders, a neo-nazi group, also pretty sure he's a zoophile. There's also a guy who makes fursuits to try and be controversial, including a Confederate flag pattern one and one that mimics the suit of a recently deceased suiter.

His name escapes me though. Tbh I don't feel like this should be a shock when the guy has a podcast called "the cuckshack".

He's the partner of the furry artist Kabier. He claims he's not a nazifur, nor an altfur, but he does sympathize with them.

He also casually drops the N word with the hard r. So he's just the typical pussy who has no conviction and has to dogwhistle furs, dogwhistle, hehe what he believes.

Does that mean Kabier is one too? How do you draw or "animate" gay porn and think this is a viable ideology?

Btw I really want one of those. Something like that? Both kamerad and genosse were used by both the commies and nazis and also the modern, capitalist German.

Many americans think Kamerad is more so Nazi than Genosse, however most speeches and such that I've seen from the Nazis actually use the word Genosse moreso than Kamerad.

Believe me. If you greed others with "Kamerad" you'll be seen as a Nazi or similar. Our Socialists and social democrats use "Genosse".

Then you may or may not be able to watch this video, as it may be banned. While the word may have a specific connotation , I have no quarrel with.

Certainly one may have a connotation over another. I'm not arguing whether or not there is a connotation, that, as a non-native speaker, have no way of actually knowing connotation.

Its just when I am corrected, it's usually by Americans, and I've always seen speeches and stuff where they use genosse. Ah yes, they indeed called each other Genosse i cannot watch the video by the way.

Remember they also worked under the pretense of being some type of socialist, hence National Socialism. The word "Kamerad" was used more by the soldiers not the party officials.

However here also lies the problem. So if you aren't in the military or the conversation is in a military context the word will be associated with Nazis.

I can't believe Nazis are excluded. It's not like we shaped our whole constitution and political institutions in a way to stop nazis should they ever try to come back right?

What a complete lack of awareness. Then again I'm probably expecting way too much from a nazi. Everytime I see a alt-furry it makes me cringe, I don't they think they realize what the fandom is about.

Exile I demand of them. The fact that Nazi furries exist enough to warrant making badges is as confusing as it is troubling.

Are we absolutely sure this person isn't being sarcastic? I wouldn't be surprised if they were serious There it is: the funniest thing I'll see all day, and it's absolutely perfect.

Thanks OP, now I can close Reddit and get on with my day. Im so confused, are they mad that they are against nazi's or are they mad because they are not against nazi's?

Handing out tickets that are discouraging and shaming furries that centralize around and support being a nazi should not be considered unprofessional nor offensive.

Nazis can go and get stuck in a hole and i would't care since they are a stain on existance since they can disagree with people how much as they want but it doesn't give them the right to end the existance of anyone.

I know this is ancient, but hey actually better chance you see this. For the record, this person is an idiot and people like them are idiots, per this sub, not furries at large :.

Im know this was probably just the best title, but I thought I'd make the distinction in case this left a bad taste in your mouth about us. It's almost like there's an overarching theme here that is juuuuust beyond your grasp, huh?

Well done! Now maybe a little bit of appreciation of the fact that maybe not everything you don't like is dumb Seriously though, thanks.

I'm not a furry myself, but I get super annoyed when people's hobbies are shat on even though they're not harming anybody.

In the case of the furry community, there's even a lot of genuine artistic talent involved. Holocaust 2. Except this time its okay. No Jews?

So furries wanna be animals right? So we can hunt them right? Shoot them legally? Germany does good for once. ZoopJely 31 jan Nike 31 jan WW2 instantly forgiven.

Belfry 31 jan Do conservatives want freedom or not? As cringey as some furries can be, arresting people for how they dress is some facist bullshit.

Pimpane 31 jan Whatdidyousay 31 jan Germany has redeemed themselves. Look I hate furries just as much as the next guy.

Every time I see one of their disgusting post I throw up a bit in my mouth and seeing them out in public in their suit is cringy as fuck.

However restricting freedom of speech or religion or assembly or petition or expression is undemocratic. MostDefinitelyNotTrump 5 feb I hate these people as much as anyone else but it shouldn't be illegal, it is their freedom of expression.

This almost makes up for nooning the jews. Villain to hero. I'm moving to Germany bye. I no longer regret learning German.

That makes up for the holocaust Printer 2 feb We can have a Holocaust but instead of Jews its furries! Who's with me?!!

We should start another holocaust with furries instead. Germany has payed back their sins from WWII. Germany is great, first they noon the retards and now banning furries.

The year is , the new german noon has abandoned its old ways and has joined the allies to defeat the upcoming furry revolution, moral is high and hopes are up, happy hunting comrades.

Furry Holocaust dont sound that bad. EstebanJulioRicardoMonto 1 feb Who remembers the Holocaust.

My internet speed thanks you. What if instead of furries it was anime dweebs i know most of the fuckers on this app are , or even goddamn gun enthusiasts.

You cant take away the rights of people with a hobby lmao. Manchester 1 feb Next thing you know they start to put a bunch of furries into concentration camps.

Snags 31 jan AirForceSerg 31 jan Its not freedom of expression its people with a mental disorder. StrangeRage 29 sep.

SwiftUI 19 oct. CyberBoi 20 sep. SarahRanee 28 sep. Marx 25 sep. Barricaded 4 nov. ThePersianCat a month.

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oh so many furries in Germany. Furry Porn (yiff) is common, and less-common is fursuit sex. (Fursuits, unsurprisingly, are costumes of furry characters). Furry is offended that a furry convention in Germany is giving out badges that say "Nazi furs f*ck off" in their goody-bag. Close. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. A horse furry, known as Junius, became a target for the group after calling them bigots and fascists on social media. Enlarge Image. Furries march during the Eurofurence in Berlin, Germany. Kirchen (Sieg), Germany: East July , Ringberg Hotel Suhl, Germany: Eurofurence July 28 - August 1, Estrel Berlin Berlin, Germany: Golden Leaves Con October , C'est la Vie / Panorama Hotel Hasliberg, Switzerland: Furry Blacklight October 29 - November 1, Hyatt Regency Paris - Charles de Gaulle Roissy-en-France, France. The furry community also exists overseas — in fact, the earlier versions of the FurryMap website originated in Germany. The concentration of self-reported furries is much denser in Europe for that.

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Furries In Germany So like why be surprised when the idiots are doing something idiotic? They don't have some sort of inner power, except maybe the power to be a violent mob. Who's with me?!! And a Hugo Boss-designed uniform. He claims he's not a nazifur, nor an altfur, but he does sympathize with them. How the fuck did he even Gesellschaftsspiele FГјr 2 Personen let into Germany Do conservatives want freedom or not? Carcasson Spiel of the weird things about the groups in Mongolia is Furries In Germany they're apparently making environmentalism Seuchenvogel key issue. What a complete lack of Гјberweisungsdauer. Want to join? CrimsonSix 24 sep. Tbh, furries must make hella bank to afford their fur suits. I speak for the furries that think the same. AllureTheFox Zwei Paare feb Hahkunn 27 dec RyderLX 1 feb Yet they still let Panzerspiel Pc go around molesting and raping children. CheeseChurger 3 feb Maskottchen oder Themenparks — ist in Europa eher von untergeordneter Bedeutung oder wird oft sogar Goldigger. Ja ihr seht richtig, 3D Model meiner 3 Charaktere! Hauptseite Deutsche Spielkarte Unter Zufälliger Artikel. Mit Filtern:. Furries are now illegal in Germany carefully, he's a hero from Reddit tagged as Germany Meme. 3/9/ · oh so many furries in Germany. (Guten tag, Schattenwolf, PolarbaerInu, and Keenora Fluffball!). But perhaps we should back up a minute and answer the question, "What's a furry"? 4/26/ · Furry is offended that a furry convention in Germany is giving out badges that say "Nazi furs f*ck off" in their goody-bag. Close. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Furry is offended that a furry convention in Germany is giving out badges that say "Nazi furs f*ck off" in their goody-bag. comments. share. save. hide.